Sheryl Swilley


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What People Are Saying:

Vickie Grier

Church deaconess

"When I needed help for the caregiving needs of my mother, I called on Sheryl because I felt she understood exactly what I was going through.

Her compassion and timely advice helped me to stop worrying and to implement a care plan that was good for my mother, for me, and my family."

Sandra Affleck

Retired RN

"Sheryl’s insight and advice have helped me time and time again to make choices that brought me peace and improved the quality of my life.

She is considerate and understanding. I am so glad that she is available when I need to talk to her."

Emily Miller


"When I think of the times Sheryl has been there for me when I had questions and needed help, I am convinced that she is the right coach to help caregivers who are struggling through difficult times.

Sheryl has walked through many struggles herself and understands when others hurt. Her approach to the problems we have discussed has helped me to gain clarity and get the peace that I needed in my life."

Caroline King

Retired Educator

"Sheryl and I are on similar caregiver journeys. It certainly helps me to know that I can share my honest feelings with her without guilt or judgement. She gets it!

As a coach, I believe that Sheryl has invaluable experience and information that can help many others who are struggling to give their loved one the best care while trying to maintain a better life."

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